2: Getting Started with ClassyPress Pro [Connecting WordPress to Classy]

This article explains how to connect your Classy Account to your WordPress website using ClassyPress Pro 

Here are the steps to get ClassyPress setup properly. Prefer videos instead?  Watch this.

  1. Create an App in Classy to retrieve your Client ID, Client Secret & Organization ID
    1. How to obtain Classy Credentials: [Classic] Classy Manager View → 
    2. How to obtain Classy Credentials: [NEW] Classy Manager View →
    3. Securely copy these (3) credentials and hold onto for the next step: 
      1. Client ID
      2. Client Secret
      3. Organization ID
  2. Install & activate the plugin on your WordPress website
    1. Click "Plugins" from your WordPress dashboard
    2. Click “Upload Plugin” in the plugins dashboard
    3. Choose classypress-pro-by-mittun-v1.6.0.zip from your computer.
      1.  Note: the name of the “.zip” file may be different, depending on which version you downloaded
      2. You will upload the entire .zip file
    4. Click “Install Now”.
    5. Activate the plugin in the plugins dashboard.
  3. Add your Classy.org Credentials to your ClassyPress Plugin Settings
    1. Go to Classy-Mittun => General Settings  
    2. Paste all three pieces of information into the WordPress Plugin Settings
    3. Click save!

  4. How to check to see if your credentials are correct:
    1. Go to ClassyPress => Add New Campaign
    2. Select the "Select Campaign" Dropdown to see your campaigns
      1. Note: If you do not see anything in the dropdown menu, then your Classy credentials are incorrect. Please see the most common issues. SEE COMMON ISSUES WITH INITIAL SETUP

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