How to manually update ClassyPress Pro

Screenshots of the step-by-step process can be viewed at the end of this article

1.) Backup your website & database 

  • The first thing you should do is backup your website. Check with your webmaster to see if automatic backups are enabled. We do not recommend manually updating any file on your website without having a working backup readily available. 

2.) Deactivate and delete the current plugin

  • Login to WordPress
  • Go to your plugin dashboard
  • WP Dashboard => Plugins
  • Hover over ClassyPress Pro & select deactivate
  • WP Dashboard => Plugins => Deactivate ClassyPress Pro
  • After the page loads, select "Delete" plugin
  • Select yes, delete everything
  • The page reloads with the plugin successfully deleted

3.) Install and activate the new plugin

  • Make sure you're on the plugin dashboard page
  • WP Dashboard => Plugins
  • Select upload plugin
  • Select the file from your computer
  • Click install
  • Activate plugin
  • Good to go!

Step-by-step screenshots of how to manually update ClassyPress Pro

Deactivate the plugin

Select "Delete"  

(Note the confirmation in green: Plugin deactivated.)

Select "OK" (this is a screenshot from Google Chrome on Mac)

Select "Add New" 

Select "Upload Plugin"

Select "Choose File"

Select the file on your computer. If you have trouble finding it, use your search tool for "classypress-pro-by-mittun" and the files should show up. 

Click "Install Now"

Now you just need to click "Activate Plugin"

ClassyPress is now installed!

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