How To Display Progress Bar with Custom Donation Button End Point URL

In this article you were learn:

How to display a progress bar for your campaign with the donate button linking to a custom end point. 

We have two simple options to achieve this. 

Used for:

  • Sending the user to the campaign landing page rather than checkout page
  • Sending the user to a custom page rather than checkout page

Option 1: Using Fundraise/Donate Donation Type and Hiding 1 Button

First thing's first, let's set up your campaign

1.) Select to display progress bar

2.) Select Donate/Fundraise button

3.) Enter custom Donate text & Enter custom Donate URL

.... Click Update/Publish

4.) Add the following CSS to your custom CSS field: View CSS File save changes. 

Done deal!

Option 2: Hide Form and add Custom Button in WordPress editor

Assuming you have your progress bar set to display, the next thing you'll want to do is:

1.) Select the donation form type to "None"

2.) Add your own button/link in the WordPress editor, under your shortcode

.... click save/update

Done deal!

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