Backing up WordPress before upgrading

Be sure you have a recent, good backup of your site you can use to restore from if an update or upgrade goes horribly wrong. Create both a FULL SITE (aka Complete) BACKUP as well as a DATABASE ONLY backup. Download both of these backups to your local computer.

  • BackWPUp – Free plugin, lots of options for scheduling and sending to remote location.
  • Duplicator – Pro version can be used for scheduling backups. Free version for duplicating the site quickly. Great for migrations.
  • BackupBuddy – Paid plugin. Great for scheduling and migrations.
  • UpDraftPlus – Similar to BackWPUp and BackupBuddy and fast becoming the more popular of the three. It has free and paid remote backup storage options.
  • VaultPress – An ideal backup service as you can restore to the previous day (or recent on-demand backup) with one-click. This allows you to be more bold with your upgrades. If something doesn’t work, you can quickly restore the backup. There is no need to setup schedules as VaultPress automatically backs up your site daily for 30 days.
  • WorpDrive – If you are managing multiple sites, then WorpDrive is going to be more cost-effective than VaultPress and works similarly. You enter your FTP credentials and let it run automatically. You can test your backups to make sure they are work properly in their interface as well as use their one-click restore feature.

Important: Keep backups to a reasonable size! Exclude large files and uploads folders

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