What if i don't see the API tab?

If you do not see the API tab as seen here, then one of the following is occurring:

  1. You're not logged in with the primary Classy administrator logins, or
  2. The Classy account is on a legacy version of the fundraising suite, or
  3. You are a 3rd-party consultant and must request special API access, or
  4. You are on a free Classy plan without API access

Depending on your situation, here is the appropriate resolutions:

#1: The username/login you are using to access Classy does not have full admin access to the Classy account
FIX: email the Classy account owner and request full admin access

#2:  The Classy account is on a legacy version of the Classy fundraising suite (usually happens for customers with Classy > 3 years)
FIX: Email Classy to request to upgrade the fundraising suite version to allow for API access

#3: You are a consultant, designer, developer or 3rd-party assisting the nonprofit
FIX 1: Request API access for your project by filling out this form! https://developers.classy.org/overview/request-access

#4: The Classy account you are is on a free plan (or similar) that does not have API access
FIX 1: You will need to upgrade your Classy account to a Classy Pro account (or other paid plan)

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