How to obtain Classy Credentials [Classic Manager]

This article explains how to obtain your Classy Credentials using the Classy Classic Account Manager. 

Looking for instructions on how to find your credentials in the New Classy Admin Manager? Go Here  →

To use ClassyPress Pro's dynamic features, such as progress bars, leaderboards and activity feeds, you will need three pieces of information from your Classy account. 

  1. Organization ID
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret

1. Organization ID

  • After successful login, you will see your Organization ID in the URL
  • Please note that the Organization ID is just a number (do not include the letter)

  • After you obtain your Organization ID, it's time to obtain your Client ID and Client Secret. 

2. Client ID

3. Client Secret

  • Please scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see the option to "Create a new App"
  • Give the Application a Name
    • Note: This name does not matter, it's for internal use only, so we recommend something like "App for my WordPress website" or similar
  • Enter the Redirect UI
    • Enter the primary domain/home page of your WordPress website. Something like ""
  • Click "Create App"

  • After clicking "Create App" the page will refresh
  • Scroll down to see "Your Apps" and select "Edit" for the newly created app
    • Note: If this is the first time you've created an App, you will only have one App listed instead of several like our screenshot below

  • Once the page reloads you will now be on your "Edit API Credentials" page
  • From here, you can access your Client ID and Client Secret

  • Now head back to your ClassyPress Pro dashboard and enter your details in the advanced settings. 

Common Questions:

  • Q: My Classy dashboard looks different. What's going on? 
  • A: If your Classy manager looks different, then you are using the NEW Classy Admin Manager.  Click here for instructions on how to obtain your credentials from the New Classy Manager
  • Q: I don't see the API icon or tab.
  • A: Contact your Classy Account Manager to see if your Classy account has API access. Tell them you're using Mittun's ClassyPress plugin and you need access!

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